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Struggling with your finances is hard enough, making a decision to take out a loan isn’t an easy one to make either. Do not add the stress of many loan rejections. Increase your chances of landing a loan by approaching iPaydayLoans. Let’s get you connected with the right people.

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Some employers give their employees a pay advance, others don’t. Even employers who do, do this on special request. They can’t always give a pay advance. Depending on what your needs are and how urgently they need attention, you may need a payday loan.

Where to find one with a fair interest rate is however often the problem. Let iPaydayLoans take care of this for you. We will give you a plethora of options to choose from by connecting you with tens of lenders in one application.

What Are Payday Advances?

Payday advances are short-term cash advances taken out by a borrower against their next paycheck. They are designed to help people who live from paycheck to paycheck to finance short-term costs till their next paycheck comes in.

Although their interest rates are usually high, they are a great option for people with bad credit, who may struggle with getting other kinds of loans. Borrowers also do not run the risk of hard credit checks banks and other traditional financial institutions are known to run on people who approach them.

iPaydayLoans has in its extensive network, certified, reliable lenders who can fund you just in time to settle your bills.

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan Online?

You can get a payday loan from lenders who provide them. Because of the increase in loan-related scams, you must be double sure you are working with a reliable lender. Going through review sites and exploring the lenders’ websites one after the other can be a hassle.

Why not outsource this difficult part of the loan process to a broker service like iPaydayLoans. We can help connect you with reliable, certified lenders.

Here’s how to apply for a loan via iPaydayLoans:

Answer a few questions on our application form: Enter your full name, age, contact information, income, and other information required of you in the application form. Then, submit the form.

Get an offer: Your submission will be sent out to the lenders in our network. They’ll review your submission, run independent soft credit and affordability on your profile and make you an offer if you pass these checks. Review the offers from different lenders and choose your most preferred offer.

Sign the offer: Sign the offer to make it a contractual agreement. At this junction, the lender may need you to provide the information of the bank account you want to get the deposit in as well. There is often no need to print, sign and fax the signed contract. Most lenders make provisions for digitally signing the offer.

Get a deposit: Most lenders in our network process loan deposits as quickly as the same day or the next. You may also want to contact the lender to ask them for a specific deposit time frame. They are in the best position to tell you exactly when. However, they would usually not give a too-distant date.

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What Are Requirements for Getting an Online Cash Advance Loan?

Left to lenders, you can get as much cash as you need, with the least requirements to satisfy. However, because of how incredibly easy it’d be to get a payday loan, many borrowers could get tempted to borrow more than they can handle.

So, each state has set some requirements to be met before one can take out a payday loan. These requirements, still, are basic and easy to meet. Here are the general eligibility requirements, which apply to all states.

Age: To get approved for a loan, the borrower must be at least 18 years old. This can be proven using a birth certificate.

Active checking account for deposits: Payday lenders typically do not provide the requested loans in cash or checks but in deposits. Without an active checking account for deposit, it’s near-impossible to fund you. Loan repayments are also expected to be auto-drafted from the same checking account,

Contact information: How else does your lender contact you if not via your contact information. During the application process, you will be required to supply your full legal name, contact phone number, email address, and physical address (home or office).

Proof of income: iPaydayLoans’ lenders only give out loans they see the borrower can afford. To show them you can afford to pay back within the loan term, you must be able to present proof of income. It doesn’t have to come from corporate employment. But it must be consistent. Sometimes, they need to see that you’ve been at the job for a reasonable amount of time.

Advantages of Getting Cash Advance Loans from iPaydayLoans

Easy and straightforward application process

We preach easy and make sure of it. Our application process is quite straightforward, easy, and can be completed in a few minutes. There’s no reason to go anywhere in person with all of your information submitted online.

Fast funding

Emergencies demand urgent responses. We are conscious of this and so, have aggregated in our network only lenders who process loans quickly. Our payday loan lenders process payments as quickly as the following business day. Sometimes, you get credited even before then.

Low credit check requirements

Have you been rejected elsewhere on account of bad credit? Do you fear a credit check can make your credit score points slip even further? Then you’ve come to the right place. iPaydayLoans connects you to lenders who run only soft credit checks on your profile, so your credit score isn’t negatively impacted. Also, we consider you even if you have bad credit.

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How much can I borrow?$50-$35,000No hidden fees or charges
I have bad credit. Can I apply?YesBad credit is considered
Over how long can I spread the repayments?1-36 monthsFast decisions
Are credit checks involved?YesSoft credit checks only
Chances of getting approvalsGood256-bit encryption protocol
How to apply?Apply onlineEasy application
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Dangers That You Should Be Aware Of

As beneficial as payday loans can be in an emergency, there are some things you should consider before obtaining one. They are high annual percentage rates, short loan terms and additional fees.

High annual percentage rates

The annual percentage rates (APRs) of payday loans are usually sky-high, significantly higher than other loans. Therefore, payday loans are usually taken to settle really important bills that can’t wait till your next payday.

Short terms

The loan term for payday loans is pretty short compared to alternatives like personal loans. Unlike personal loans that can be borrowed for two to five years, loans taken out from a payday lender are to be repaid within two to four weeks depending on the lender and the state’s regulations.

Additional fees

Because the loan term is short, many borrowers, especially those without a well-defined repayment plan default on payment. Missing late payment deadlines attract additional fees which add up. This increases the total cost of the loan and can lead the borrower into a vicious cycle of debt.

What Are Some Alternatives To Payday Advance?

If you fear you can’t keep up with the interest rates and loan terms of payday loans, you may want to try these other options when you’re in need to money before your payday.

Small personal loans

Small personal loans are comparatively lower interest rate loans with long-term loans for people who need to make large purchases, consolidate debts, or go on vacation take. The interest rates are usually smaller than payday loans, and the loan term is within two to five years.

Installment loans

Want to make a large purchase, but don't want to consume most of your savings? You may consider getting an installment loan, which can allow you to pay a smaller monthly payment over months or years.

Cash advance apps

Not only non-governmental organizations and charities give no-interest financing. Cash advance apps like Dave also do. They help you get small cash advances before your next paycheck rolls in. They do not charge interest but can take tips.

Payday alternative loans

Credit union members enjoy small-interest loans. If you are a member of a credit union, you can apply for Payday Alternative Loans (PAL). You won’t have to pay heavy interest on this loan like you have to do with payday loans.


What are some most common uses for payday advance loans?

People take out payday loans to finance expensive medical bills, family expenses, unexpected car repair bills, and payments for other loans. Borrowers use payday loans for costly, unexpected emergencies they can finance with savings or other cash sources.

Can I get a payday advance with bad credit?

Yes, you can. Payday loan lenders pay more attention to your income, employment history, and current debts than your credit history. It is assumed that factors like income and how long you’ve been at the job are a better way to gauge your ability to repay a loan.

Can I get a cash advance loan without a credit check?

Not exactly. But you can get one without a hard credit check. Credit checks are not just necessary but a must-do for every lender according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). However, in our network, there are some lenders which run only soft credit checks. They are as good as no credit check loans.

What can make a lender reject my loan request?

Although payday loan lenders are known to have high approval rates, some applications still get rejected. The most common reasons for this rejection include too many current debts, the borrower being unemployed or has a very low income, or can’t borrow some more because they recently borrowed one. Some states prohibit lenders from taking out multiple payday loans.

If I am approved for a payday loan, when can I expect to get funded?

You can expect to get funded as quickly as within the hour, the same day, or the following business day. How soon your cash is available for withdrawal may also depend on your bank and how quickly they process deposits.

How can I find payday loans near me?

By contacting iPaydayLoans and filling out the application form. iPaydayLoans has a wide network of lenders who provide high payday loan amounts with highly competitive interest rates to borrowers. The application is also pretty smooth and easy.

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A cash advance can help you take care of emergency expenses not covered in your budgeting plans. We can connect you to the right lender who can provide you with this. Get started with the loan request right away and you might just get credited in a few hours.

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Customer Note: A payday loan is traditionally used to help people borrow a small sum of money until the next upcoming payday. It's a short-term solution to cover unexpected expenses when people have no savings or deep pockets. Those who find themselves in a bind with their budget and want to refill it with credits should seek the advice of a professional financial assistant. A borrower also has to peruse local regulations related to a payday loan.

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