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The period between paychecks can feel excruciatingly long especially if you have a pending, important bill and no savings in sight. Not to worry. You can get a loan to cushion the effects of those crushing bills. Trust iPaydayLoans to help you with that!

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$50 Loan Instant App that Lets You Borrow Money Instantly

Instant loan apps can come in handy when there’s no money in your savings, and nowhere to turn for help. If you don’t have enough cash to settle that bill or take care of some emergency expenses, you can simply download a $50 loan instant app and request for a cash advance. A loan instant app is a downloadable app through which you can get some cash advance, usually a small sum.

However, with the several loan instant apps on the internet today, locating the reliable and licensed ones is flat-out difficult.

iPaydayLoans can connect you with reliable loan instant apps you can trust based on what your needs are. Do you need a cash advance on your paycheck? Are you looking for an app that can receive deposited paychecks? Different loan instant apps cater to different needs and we can help you connect to the best one for you.

Explore 6 Best $50 Loan Instant Apps Now

The best loan instant app depends on your needs really. For instance, if you need a cash advance with zero membership fees, a paid app with higher loan amounts may mean little to nothing to you.

Here are some of the best loan instant apps available now. They are rated highly for their low membership fees, eligibility requirements for a cash advance, round-the-clock customer support and special features they have.


Earnin, formerly known as activehours, is an instant loan app that allows you to access some of your wages or monthly income before payday. To do this, the app must be connected to your company’s online timesheet system or be able to track how many hours you’ve worked. The app also has an overdraft notification feature that lets you know when you have made an overdraft.


  • Can provide loans the same day of application
  • It is feature-loaded
  • Users have access to high loan amounts
  • No membership fee
  • Users are not obligated to leave tips

The catch is that you can only use the app if you get paid via direct deposit. That is, freelancers and remote workers may not find it particularly useful.


PaydaySay works a little differently from most apps on this list. It connects borrowers with payday lenders. Through this payday loan app users can get up to $1000 in loans. The application process is pretty easy and with just basic details, they connect the borrower with a suitable lender.


  • Easy and quick application
  • Connects you with payday lenders in only a few minutes
  • Reports to credit agencies so loans can boost borrowers’ credit scores


Dave is the best instant loan app for overdraft protection. It helps users track potential overdrafts and alerts them when their accounts are potentially overdrawn. If you are financially stranded, Dave can also give you an interest-free advance to be repaid by your next payday. With a membership of $1 a month, it’s easily one of the cheapest loan apps around.


  • Users can create a spending account on it
  • Helps users in finding side gigs in between paychecks
  • Alerts users about a possible overdraft
  • Provides a Yours to Spend summary that guides users on how much to spend each month


Brigit is a subscription-based app that not only gives you a cash advance but financial advice too! Approval for a loan is based on a unique metric known as a Brigit score. This score is based on Brigit’s assessment of your bank account and spending history.

Borrowers can take advantage of its Earn Extra feature to find side gigs they can earn money from to repay their loans. Like Earnin, it also has an overdraft protection feature.


  • Gives you access to up to $250
  • Zero-interest on the loan
  • No credit check involved

Brigit is ideal for bad credit borrowers.


MoneyLion provides its members with credit-builder loans up to $250 at low-interest rates. They don’t pull credit at all. Instead, they review your primary checking account to determine if you can afford the loan or not. There is also no prepayment penalty like some other lenders charge.

Users who want instant funding must pay a fee. However, MoneyLion checking account users can get their loans in 12 to 48 hours and no-MoneyLion checking account users in three to five business days if they don’t pay an instant delivery fee.


  • Borrowers can borrow money at a very low-cost fee
  • Reports payments to the major consumer credit bureaus, potentially improving borrower’s credit score by a few points
  • Runs only soft credit checks on its members


Chime, a loan app, provides users with both savings and checking account, through which you can directly receive deposited paychecks. For safety purposes, the app sends alerts to users whenever a transaction is being processed via the app. It also has a feature that allows users to overdraw their accounts up to $200, which will be deducted from the user’s next paycheck. The overdraw limit for new users is $120. Despite all of these numerous advantages, it is completely free to use.


  • Free. Profits are gathered from fees charged to merchants for debit-card transactions instead
  • Long-term users can overdraft up to $200
  • Can be used to receive deposit paychecks. It is therefore great for people who are tired of ridiculous bank fees on deposit

Alternatives to Apps for Instant Money

Other Loans Services

An alternative to loan instant apps is online loan services. You get access to even higher amounts with these online services. Your credit score also doesn’t matter much. Some of the loan services around are BadCreditLoans, CashAdvance and PersonalLoans.

They do not provide loans but help borrowers secure some by connecting them with lenders that offer these loans. These loan services are mostly free and do not charge origination fees for connecting the borrower to a lender. They get their commission from the lender directly instead.


Absolve yourself of the excesses from loan sharks with iPaydayLoans. We will connect you with reliable and established direct lenders who charge competitive interest rates and offer high loan amounts. Our partner lenders have high approval rates, do not require collateral, and have an easy application process.

Here’s how to apply for a loan with iPaydayLoans:

  • Request for a loan by filling out the loan form with relevant details
  • Submit the form and get connected with multiple lenders
  • Typically, they will review the submission and approve you if you pass all affordability checks
  • Review the offers from different lenders and sign the quote whose contents fit your loan needs
  • Submit the signed quote and get paid as soon as the following business day

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Poor Credit Doesn't Matter!

Our partner lenders do not give too much thought to your credit profile or what your credit score says. The deal is - can you pay back on time? If yes, you are good to go. Payments made on time are also reported to the major credit reporting agencies so you can climb out of that poor credit category quickly.

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What Are Instant Loan Apps?

A credit card is of little use to you if you have exceeded your credit limit already. Your mobile device can be a make-shift relief. Through instant loan apps on your mobile, you can obtain a small loan of about $50 or more. From the comfort of your home, you can request a small loan using an instant loan app.

Should I Use Loan Apps?

Loan apps are a very convenient and easy way to access cash when you are in a financially tight situation. However, you should only consider them when you’ve exhausted other options like side gigs and asking from a friend or family.

When Will I Get The Funds If I Use A $50 Loan Instant App?

You can receive your cash as quickly as within the same day. Making a loan request will only take a few minutes of your time, and soon after you will be connected with a number of direct lenders who can fund you in under 24 hours.

With So Many Options Available, How To Pick The Most Suitable $50 Loan Instant App?

There are so many factors to consider before settling for a particular $50 loan instant app ahead of another. They include rates and APR, customer support, credibility, app features, and loan amount and term which differs from app to app.

These Apps For Instant Money Aren't Scams, Right?

Yes and no. Here’s it. Some instant loan apps are scams. However, they aren’t so difficult to figure out. For instance, most of them run very aggressive pop-ups and push notification ads. Reviews also have a lot to say about them. Go through these reviews to know if they are worth trying out or not.

Is It Secure To Employ These $50 Instant Loan Apps?

You have nothing to worry about if it is an established and well-rated loan app. Established names in the instant loan app industry take necessary steps to ensure that the personal and financial data of their users are well-encrypted and safe. Go through their Better Business Bureau ratings and reviews to know how well or otherwise they are rated.

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