Tribal Installment Loans

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What Are Tribal Installment Loans?

Tribal installment loans, advertised as short-term loans, are small loans provided to borrowers by lenders who operate on tribal lands. Since these lenders are located in reservations, their lending entities enjoy some sovereignty and are not necessarily bound by the same rules as regular financial service providers. Nevertheless, their activities are still closely monitored by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and so, they must comply with state licensing laws and interest rate limits.

These installment loans can be applied for online, are usually processed quickly like every other online loan, and have no tribal nation requirements. That is, your loan request will be accepted whether or not you are a member of a tribe.

Characteristics of Tribal Installment Loans

Online application process

The entire application process is done online in a few, simple steps which makes it a more straightforward and less tedious process than the bank loan application process. You do not need to be a member of a tribe to request one either. The loan deposit is usually processed very quickly too. You can get funded within the same day, or the next depending on a few factors.

They are small loans

Although some tribal installment loan lenders are given to offer high loan amounts, most give only relatively low loan amounts. They are only a little better than the cash advance amounts you get from cash advance apps like Dave. They are advertised as funds taken out to tend only to emergencies and are usually in the $1000 range.

Poor credit records aren’t a total drawback

Tribal loan lenders aren’t big on credit scores and ratings. Instead, they try to see if the borrower can afford the extra credit, and can pay on time too. The borrower’s loan eligibility is based on income level, employment history, and how many years the borrower has been at their current workplace.

They are short-term loans

Tribal installment loans are sometimes misconstrued as payday loans and for good reasons too; one of which is high-interest rates. But they are not. They are mostly set up as installment loans as their name suggests. Even so, you won’t be given years to pay up the loan like with many other installment loan offers. Tribal loans usually have a repayment term of less than a year.

How to Find a Tribal Lender?

A simple web search can help you in finding one. However, this is hardly reliable. You may also fall into the trap of unscrupulous lenders and their characteristic cut-throat interest rates. Some are in fact, not accredited, and so, their activities are not regulated.

So while searching for tribal lenders online, it’s best to check if they’re accredited, certified, and reliable lenders which charge reasonable interest rates.

Can I Get Tribal Installment Loans With Bad Credit?

Yes, you can. Usually, the credit score has a huge role to play in whether a borrower qualifies for a loan or not. Someone with bad credit might in fact find it difficult to land loans from traditional lending institutions because they are seen as a high lending risk.

All hope isn’t lost yet. You can still get a loan from tribal installment loans with bad credit lenders. Just be sure you pass all their eligibility requirements. You should qualify for a loan once your income shows you have the financial wherewithal to take on more credit.

Are There Tribal Installment Loans With No Teletrack?

Yes, there are. Essentially, teletrack is an unconventional or non-traditional method of running credit checks on borrowers. A teletrack lender - on running a teletrack - would usually have privy knowledge of a potential borrower’s credit card applications, short-term mortgages they may have, and all of their financial records.

It’s only normal to seek tribal installment loans with no teletrack if you are not comfortable with letting these pieces of information out. Luckily for you, there are no-teletrack lenders. These lenders run very few background checks on prospective borrowers and so, have high approval rates.

What Should I Do Before Taking out Tribal Installment Loans?

You were perhaps more familiar with the term installment loans than tribal installment loans before now. If it sounds and looks different, it probably is, don’t you think? There’s also the off chance that it is not either. But how can you tell if you don’t take out time to read up on what tribal installment loans are all about? Before taking out a tribal installment loan, it’s only smart to read up on it and what it entails. Check out its fundamentals, so you are not caught off guard by any rules peculiar to it.

If it looks like a good fit for you, approach a willing lender and request one. But do not take it for granted that you know what’s involved already. Read through the lender’s terms and conditions and ask questions you might have. A good lender should have no problem answering questions.

Other Alternatives to Tribal Installment Loans

Assistance from Family or Friend

Perhaps, the least risky funding source is from family and friends. Some loved ones can help you through financial troubles with the cash you need and with no interest. However, this isn’t always the case. So, stick with the agreement you had with the lender - with regards to payment deadline and interest - beforehand to avoid straining your relationship with them.

Car Title Loans

Car title loans are loans taken out against a car title. Using a car title as collateral helps the borrower unlock higher loan amounts at lower interest rates. The lender doesn’t take control of the car till the borrower defaults on the loan and all efforts to arrive at a compromise fail. Otherwise, the car remains the borrower’s.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

Peer-to-peer lending, also known as crowd or social lending aims to cut out financial institutions as middlemen by directly connecting individual lenders with individual borrowers. This is a good credit option for people with credit scores lower than fair to explore. The odds of landing a loan are better with P2P leaders because they work with multiple investors - at a time - to fulfill loans.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term loans made available to borrowers who need a little cash to sort out emergencies that can’t wait till their next payday. They are usually processed very quickly and are expected to be repaid two to four weeks after getting them. Although they may have high-interest rates, they are still highly sought after because good credit is not a requirement.

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