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Partners Federal Credit Union Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista

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+1 800-948-6677


1675 Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, United States

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Partners Federal Credit Union Reviews



Terrible experience with this bank, it’s a joke. I’ve never had a bank make it so difficult to make a payment on a vehicle loan


James Rowley

Partners is unbelievably horrible. I never know how much money I have in my account at any given moment. While the customer service reps are nice and seem to know what they're doing, they are limited by the fact that Partners as a whole is outdated and follows business practices that haven't been used since the 1970's (which is borderline fraudulent.) I would never recommend this bank to anyone. I regret signing up.


Carlos Santiago

As a member of PFCU for 10 years never had such terrible service. This is by far the worst branch and most difficult to deal with. The other branches are head and shoulder above. Simply requested a document being mailed to the credit bureau be notarized and they had to make the whole ordeal long and painful. Trying to find an excuse to not notarize it?? Just left went to another branch and issue resolved. Partners is a great CU but man does this branch next to Disney Spring suck so hard. Man they should fire everyone and bring in a new team that actually wants to service the members.


Sandy Carpenter

I went to close out my savings account as I don’t use this bank any longer since I don’t have a car loan with them anymore. It was the day after thanksgiving so I am sure no one wanted to be there but the teller that waited on me was I guess having a bad day! Never smiled didn’t ask me how I wanted the money and gave me all hundreds. I asked for one to be broken and it was an inconvenience it seemed. I hope she isn’t sad like this all the time. ☹️



I have been a member of Partners since I started @ disney in 1996. Have nothing but good things to say about them. Partners has always been of great service. Thank you Partners for all these years👍


Tamicka Bush

Absolutely horrible service! After banking for years I’ve had problem after problem with their customer service. Having multiple emails and phone calls going unanswered and receiving contradicting statements from representatives. I had $1500 stolen from me over a month ago and they have been absolutely no help and just states there’s nothing they can do about it after stating they would at least temporarily reimburse me. After providing as much proof as possible they keep passing the responsibility on to other people. Definitely would not recommend worst customer service I’ve ever received from a bank especially from the manager who looked into my case.


Jesette Iturrino

This Lake Buena Vista branch in particular is entirely disorganized. I expected better customer service. I walked in to get a simple replacement card done. I've had this done before at another location (International Drive Branch) which to say the least has better overall customer service than LBV branch. I was told only two people were at the front desk so I needed to wait until they had a chance to attend me. I was the only person in the waiting area waiting for a while. If this branch is understaffed the manager should take the initiative to find more attentive and fast employees. The service was trash here and I will NOT be coming back here again.


Yosbany Augustu

Instead of providing me with what I asked for, I was told I had a joint account, which confused me, then I'm told they're only providing me with a cashier check because the person that the money is going to is joint to the account, and it was free. Confusing me even further as to why that person was joint to the account. So I tried to fix this problem there and nearly 20 minutes passed after I checked in, and no one would call me up. So I decided to try a different branch. Update: I went to the branch at International, and they properly explained everything after I spoke to them, and gave me what I needed, no issues, no unnecessary explanations, just what I asked for, it didn't even take 1bminute for it to be done.


Angela Herrera

Customer service at this place SUCKS. I can not really understand how a person like Jackeline could be working at the front desk. Really? Is this the kind of person you want to have welcoming and giving the first impression? Even wosrt, it is seem she has no supervisor taking care about her pour and horrible performance. She has no idea how to treat or speak with respect and courtesy to people. I will never come back.


Steve Young

Avoid if possible. Staff are not friendly or helpful if you have a loan you may not get a full explanation of their processes and they will make it out to be your fault. Banked here for 10 years but not anymore after voluntary giving up my car and blamed for bringing it to a repair shop first and blamed for not knowing the process when I had asked how it worked and was not correct info. Terrible service

Response from the owner

Hi Steve, We would love to learn more about what we can do to make your Member experience better with us. Please message us with your contact information if you would like one of our Leaders to contact you directly. Thank you, Partners

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  • 1. How Can I Locate Partners Federal Credit Union?

    You can contact Partners Federal Credit Union via +1 800-948-6677. You can fill in our easy-to-use online form to get instant loan quotes as well.
  • 3. How Can I Apply For A Loan At Partners Federal Credit Union?

    You can fill in our easy-to-use online form on their website. If you need further assistance, you can always visit our online loan platform and explore more options to get a payday loan.
  • 5. What Will Happen If I Am Not Able To Perform Repayment On My Loan?

    Please contact your lender if you have issue paying your loans. Your lender may adjust the loan plan for you to fit your financial situation at the moment. If you default on your title loans online, you may lose the possession of your vehicle.
  • 2. How Can I Find the Location of Partners Federal Credit Union?

    Partners Federal Credit Union is located at 1675 Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, United States. You can search the address on the map software and get the support you need from them without any hassles.
  • 4. Is Partners Federal Credit Union An Agency Or A Lender?

    Partners Federal Credit Union is a Credit union that accepts all kinds of loan requests. You can click here to get various loan services including installment loans online. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan service platform, can connect you with our network of lenders to get dependable loan services.
  • 6. Can I Get Loans With Bad Credit from Partners Federal Credit Union?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with bad credit such as personal loans online from them. You can contact the loan service providers for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also click here to get instant loan quotes with bad to no credit.

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