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Partners Federal Credit Union Center Dr, Winter Garden

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(800) 948-6677


5555 Center Dr, Winter Garden, FL 34787

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Partners Federal Credit Union Reviews



What to say about Partners Federal Credit Union at Disney University? Nice customer service with certainly less amount of customers than in the main branch on International Drive. During the years I was in that area this was my go-to branch. My most recent visit had to be at the drive-thru due to COVID-19, which makes the wait be longer but it's understandable as there is way less physical contact that way to protect both bank tellers and customers. The drive thru does need an upgrade, though. And they weren't able to help us find an incoming money transfer so we basically just have to call customer service.


Nikki Meyers

This was to be my snowbird bank/credit union. Unfortunately, this financial institution is far...very far, from decent. Last year I signed up for a paperless system. I have both a savings, and a checking here. All I do is deposit checks and money into the accounts...I literally never remove it. Suddenly I realize I have a two (maybe three?) Dollar charge. I called and they explain to me that it is because they mailed me something and it was sent back to them. They mailed it to my out of state address (like I asked them not to do), then because it was not forwarded...I was charged a fee from Partners. They explained that the fee would continue monthly. So, I went in to close both accounts. They assured me the mistake wouldn't happen again, give them one more chance. Fast forward...Less than a year later...I deposit 3 checks at the ATM (with no withdrawal). All three were sizeable. The last one in particular was several thousand dollars. Upon depositing the last check, the ATM machine starts making a loud noise and the screen says my check cannot be returned and to go into the branch. I immediately do that. They tell me they cannot do anything for 10 to 15 business days! I leave, and the next day I call customer service and explain what happened. They offer me a provisional credit of over 6k until they can sort it out. I go back to the branch with the request of speaking to the branch manager. I tell her I'm not ok waiting upwards of 15 days. She explains she can do it in 7 days and will offer me a five HUNDRED dollar credit. I explain to her an over six thousand Dollar credit was offered (that I declined, explaining that it was not necessary). She explains that they shouldn't have offered that to me. The banker and branch manager, Matha Marrero, assured me that it will be handled immediately and she (Martha) will call me asap with any updates or issues. THIRTEEN days later I get a letter, that was forwarded from the address that I specifically told them not to use...telling me they cannot retrieve my check, and I need to go back to its origin and ask for it to be re issued. No one ever called me. Also, on the day that the ATM destroyed/lost my check...two other people were in the lobby waiting to hear back about the same issue that they had...SIX hours before...and the atm was still open for use! The lack of communication and follow through, combined with the unethical banking practices, has me moving my money immediately. The receptionist/teller, Oliva, was incredibly kind. However the branch manager, Martha, who never bothered to call me back...wouldn't even give me the courtesy of apologizing. Definitely a disappointment. UPDATE: Partners: there is no way for me to respond back to you. But if you want to get in touch with me...please do. Telling me on a public review to reach back out to you, for the SIXTH time, is ridiculous. If you want to correct it...work on your communication by reaching out to me.

Response from the owner

Hello Nikki. First, I am so truly sorry for your experience. If possible, we would like the opportunity to discuss this with you further and see if there is anything we can do to make up for this experience and also, to make sure it doesn't happen again. If interested, please let us know and we will reach out. Thank you, Partners!


Pixie David

Was a nice place its shut down & moved to the old sun trust bank


Kelly Keuper

They don't have 24 hour or weekend customer service. I was trying to get a money order and was told my branch needed to raise my daily limit in order to do so. I was in formed non of the branches on the East coast or West coast could be contacted (even through CA branches were open) because it was a Saturday. I was informed the customer service line was a 3rd party contractor and they did have access to all the resources needed to help customer outside of business hours or on weekend. I may have lost my place to live in a month because of this lack of customer service.


Aquatography (Aquatography)

I do believe that Partners can be manipulative in order to capitalise on its members. In fact if it weren't for the fact that I have a loan through them I wouldn't do business here at all. I hate to say it but I think that you may actually be better off using a prepaid debit card than banking here. However the reality is most financial institutions that I have ever done business with have actually been far worse. At the very least the staff working here are kind and will work with you most of the time. But no way are they perfect or deserving of 5 stars.



Terrible experience with this bank, it’s a joke. I’ve never had a bank make it so difficult to make a payment on a vehicle loan


Mark Goesmann

Horrible experience, would not recommend. I have been a member for almost 10 years and any chance they can they try to steal your money.

Response from the owner

Mark, we apologize for your recent experience. We'd like to learn more and share your experience with Leadership. If you are open to discussing, please email us at [email protected] and we will follow up. Sincerest apologies.


Highly Anticipating

Going to change banks immediately! Only had my account for 2 weeks and have had to call and stop in for more complications with my account then the amount of time I’ve had it! Stressful banking at it’s finest

Response from the owner

Hello, We would love to learn more about what we can do to make your Member experience better with us. Please message us with your contact information if you would like one of our Leaders to contact you directly. Thank you, Partners


Caitlin George

Went to this location to change my name after marriage. So unprofessional and very unfriendly. Had to get a new debit card with my new name sent to me, so i asked her if my current card would be deactivated and she said no. Takes 7-10 business days for a new card. I went to pay for some groceries a few days later to find out that my card was being declined with plenty of money in the account. Called to find out that they deactivated my account without warning. Also wanted to get some checks deposited from our wedding with my new name on them after I had already changed my name, and they declined to deposit them because of my name change. I’ve been with this company since I was in high school and have NEVER been satisfied but always gave them second chances considering my car loan is through them and didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing it. But now that my car payment is coming close to an end I will be taking my business elsewhere!


Drewskie S.

Worst banking experience I've ever had will be switching to chase, these ideiots take you for your money and deny every fraud claims will not return you your money the BBB WILL BE HEARING ABOUT THISand the debit cards are unsecure my info has been stolen 3 times with in 2 MONTHS OF HAVVING A CARD !!!!!

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