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OneMain Financial Kernan Blvd, Jacksonville

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+1 904-642-1535


1795 Kernan Blvd S Ste 103, Jacksonville, FL 32246, United States

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OneMain Financial Reviews


Sherry Andersen

This was the most pleasant interaction I have ever had as it was professional, handled in a timely manner and within an hour. It was amazing and I would encourage anyone wanting a loan to choose OneMain Financial.


Michael Branham

I am writing this as a warning to others. My father has been dealing with this company for years, their interest rates are 25% (and they do not go over them with the elderly people they try to lure in). I have contacted them on multiple occasions to let them know that they may NOT contact my father because he has dementia and is not in control of his finances. I have given them proof of my POA, and yet they continue to call him and tell him he needs to make a payment NOW and with him only saying "go ahead" they have taken $800 from him in less then 2 months. They lie about entering information into the computer systems (like POA's, or to make automatic payments, or when they say that they'll defer interest payments and late fees when people are hospitalized). This company will literally tell you ANYTHING you want to hear just to get a payment from you. This is not only bad business, but makes them look incompetent. No one seems to know what is going on from one person to another because people are only dollar signs to them. When someone makes an arrangement it should be honored. I have never seen a company take such blind advantage of an elder or had so many lies been told. I can assure that I will not deal with this company again and am warning you that if they tell you something the exact opposite will be done. Such a disgusting business practice. Watch out for your elderly parents so this sort of thing doesn't happen to them!!

Response from the owner

Hi Michael, we'd like to learn more about this. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, and Google username if you would like a member of our customer care team to reach out to you. -AS


Pete -

Hands down, the best financial institution I have ever worked with. Talk about personal service and excellent customer service, this branch on Kernan has it all! Branch Manager Maria spoke with me before connecting me with my own personal Account Manager (Jules) and they were both phenomenal! I was able to consolidate 3 personal credit cards into 1 low monthly payment and the best news is that they did all of that in only 1 day! Amazing and I highly recommend this specific branch to everyone! See for yourself! *****+


Kristen DiCarlo

I have been a customer for 5 years and, until recently, have NEVER had a problem or poor word to say about this company or this lication. They USED to be extremely helpful and polite. Well that is no longer true. Today I had a direct deposit taken from the wrong account AGAIN after being told the last time that it wouldnt happen again and that they would make it right. Wrong. The same exact thing happened and the manager tells me I didnt say the correct words to the previous agent so thats why they took the money out of the same WRONG account...WITHOUT my permission. She kept saying "sorry BUT you didnt say this the right way." She refused to help any further. Again I have never had any issues until now...and this is how they treat their custoners? By telling THEM they did something wrong when I clearly told them do NOT take moneynfrom that account. Worst cuatoner service conversation ever. My entire opinion of this company and particular lication has changed. I will no longer recommend them. I will also launchba fraud report regarding them taking money through direct pay without permission.

Response from the owner

Hi Kristen, we're sorry to hear that you've had that experience. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, and Google username if you would like a member of our customer care team to reach out to you. -AS


Onix Martir

This is one of the best run operation I have experienced in a very long time. The personnel were extremely respectful, empathetic, and professional. There is no doubt that the outstanding leadership and modeling of the branch manager is directly responsible for the attitude, professionalism, effectiveness and success of this branch. She is very impressive.


Sam Milby

This is by far the best One Main Financial location. The staff here will take great care of you and make you part of the family—not just a nameless customer. I have been a family member for several years and Maria has gone out of her way to take care of me and my financial needs. Aside from this, Maria and Mary as well are happy to offer professional financial advice with my best interests at heart, which has always benefited me. Furthermore, at any time, even though Maria and Mary are busy, they always make time to address any concerns or answer questions I’ve had. Trust me, when I say that you are in good hands with the awesome staff here at the Kernan Blvd. location. They do take walk-ins, but just be aware that it gets busy (because they are the best) and you may have to wait. My advice is to simply schedule an appointment before you come and they will get right to you. No worries here either as they have coffee and water that you can help yourself to while you wait. Lastly, this is a brand new spacious office conveniently located right off of Kernan Blvd near Atlantic Blvd, centrally located, and it’s easy to get in and out of. And you can’t beat the plenty of parking in front. So do yourself a favor, if you need a debt consolidation loan, auto loan, or for that matter any loan, go see Maria and her fantastic staff—they are trained professionals and will work patiently with any of your needs. Tell em’ Steve sent you!



I've been with One Main Financial for a couple of years. I love my Kernan Blvd Branch. I always work with Maria and Mary, Mary and Maria (don't want to think one is better than the other) They are literally the best team to have your back. When you need help advice etc. Those are the two women you want to work with. They go above and beyond to help me any time I need it most. In my ending statement, this is where you want to do business. I was in banking field for several years and you won't find any two people that actually care about you and work as hard as they can for you. Thanks Ladies for ALL you do!!! You really are the best


Reid Allen

First and foremost they are fast and easy to deal with! Maria took tremendous care of me through the entire process. She was thorough with her explanation, covering every little detail with great clarity. On top of getting a great loan, I left having a better understanding of the loan process and all of the terminology we didn’t learn in school! Would definitely recommend.


Carmella Martin

OneMain Financial is AWESOME! The staff at the Kernan Blvd branch is extremely friendly and courteous, and they made me feel like I was their only customer. I would definitely recommend OneMain Financial to anyone who is looking for help with their financial situation. They certainly helped me get my budget back on track!


Toni O'Neill

I recently just financed my second loan with his branch. Everyone has always been helpful, courteous, and efficient. Loan process is super easy when you are prepared with the information they need for approval. I've always been satisfied and refer coworkers and friends to the same branch.

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  • 3. What Kind Of Services Can I Get From Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers provides following services:
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  • 5. Is Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers An Agency Or A Lender?

    Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers is a Loan agency that accepts all kinds of loan requests including online installment loan services. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan marketplace, can connect you with our online partner lenders to get reliable loan services.
  • 2. What Is the Location Information of Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers is located at 1795 Kernan Blvd S Ste 103, Jacksonville, FL 32246, United States. You can look for their store address on the map software and visit them in no time.
  • 4. How Can I Get A Loan At Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    You can submit your information on their website. If you need other financial support, you can always check our website to choose between various loan options.
  • 6. What Will Happen If I Failed To Pay Back My Loan?

    Please contact your lender if you have trouble performing repayments. Your lender may adjust the repayment due dates for you to fit your financial situation at the moment. Visit our online platform to learn more information if, for example, you defaulted on your online title loan services.
  • 7. Can I Get Bad Credit Loans from Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with a low credit score such as personal loans online from them. You can contact the loan service providers for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also visit our online loan platform to get instant loan quotes with easy conditions.

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