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Truist E Fowler Ave, Tampa

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+1 813-284-3356


2208 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States

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Truist Reviews


Jennifer Molina

Inefficient. Truist locked my card because a “failed verification” which is absurd. I’ve been using and making deposits in my account. Some how this morning it got locked. I didn’t receive a phone call, I wasn’t aware until I was completely out of gas in my car and tried using my card at the pump. I’m beyond late for the first day of my new job and now I’ve been waiting in the Truist lobby for 30 minutes after being on the phone with Truist saying I had to come in the closest branch. Not only am I stuck with no gas because all my money is on my card the employees here are no help and seem to have zero sympathy for the inconvenience. Ridiculous. I knew I had a bad feeling when I was opening the account even after giving them the benefit of the doubt.


Tammil Kimbrell

I do not have an account with this bank and never would. Went into this bank because . Temple Terrace one not open (they all stink )Tried to go in a few weeks ago and the bank manager was not happy with us because we didn't have an appointment. And I don't know how many times she reminded us of this. We were told that they will look into it get back to us with details and time to come back. Appointment was set for today Friday August 27th. I drove an hour to be at appointment. When we arrive we are told she not there and neither is the dude that made us the appointment. No one cancel or called nothing. Poor customer services. And have to go back again drive another hour there and back so they can take care of matters. No one in this bank can help us. Ridculous


Athena Marie

For your own financial health do not use Suntrust. I opened an account with them and they closed it. They gave me no reason as to why. I originally funded the account with 1500$ and they are refusing to return it to me. They have no information as to where my money is or how I can get it back. The attitudes of the people here are sickening and they should not be entrusted with anybody’s funds. I hope someone informs the personnel at this branch that embezzlement is a crime.


Nya Nya

Extremely horrible services and the manager has a disgusting attitude. Would never want to go in again since they lied on so many things and made me do so much mental gymnastics that was unnecessary. The one at Seffner told me the solution to my problems in 5 minutes, while this one took me 6 months. Do yourself a favor and deal with professionals, not rude and disgusting people that only care about their own benefits.


david ballard

How does a bank close everyday at 4 pm? That not late enough for me....I just opened this account 2 weeks ago......I will close it tomorrow.


Alyssa Stevens

As soon as I can, I'm leaving this bank. We are getting phone calls from a Truist in Douglas, Georgia asking for our card information calling once from the bank and then from a private number. I am constantly seeing people saying they are losing money to this place and I'm not waiting around for my money to disappear.


Keith Austin

Worst bank ever. Long hold times when you call. If you go in person you will experience the rudest tellers. Awful customer service. I’ve banked with SunTrust for 33 years. No more.


Erica Rizzo

The bank itself is horrible! One min you're positive in you're balance and then the next you get charged an overdraft fee for .16 cents. I cannot wait till my bank card comes for my new bank so I can cancel this one!


yi kyong kim

Been waiting in the commercial drive through lane for 15 min with no movement. When the bank was called the person in that location was unpleasant to say the least.


michelle labo

Never had an issue. They know me by name. Super friendly.

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  • 1. How Can I Locate Truist?

    You can contact Truist via +1 813-284-3356. You can use our online platform to submit your loan request as well.
  • 3. How Can I Get A Loan At Truist?

    You can submit your information on their website. If you need addition financial assistance, you can always check out our website and see what's available for you to get a payday loan.
  • 5. What Will Happen If I Am Not Able To Perform Repayment On My Loan?

    You can always contact your lender if you can't repay your loans. Your lender may adjust the loan plan for you to cope with your current financial status. If you default on your title loans online, you may no longer possess your vehicle any more.
  • 2. What Is the Location Information of Truist?

    Truist is located at 2208 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States. You can search the address on the map software and pay them a visit right now.
  • 4. Is Truist An Agency Or A Lender?

    Truist is a Bank that accepts all kinds of loan requests. You can check our website to get various loan services including online installment loan services. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan marketplace, can connect you with our network of lenders to get reliable loan services.
  • 6. Can I Get Loans With Unpleasant Credit Background from Truist?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with a low credit score such as online personal loans from them. You can contact the lenders for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also check our website to get instant loan offers with easy conditions.

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