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Southern Auto Finance Company E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach

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413 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33060, United States

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Southern Auto Finance Company Reviews


Savannah Hudgens

I am so upset that I am stuck with these people for next 3 years. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They literally only care about taking your money. $5 fee every time i make a payment? They grounded me from Auto payments and online payments for 12 months because I tried to send checks in order to stop paying $5 fee but I sent them to the wrong address and had to cancel them and make online payments. Nobody on the phones wants to help. They are not understanding. They are not compromising. They do not work with you if you are going through a hard time. I don't get receipts like they say they are going to email me. My payment is $415 and barely $100 goes towards my principal. And if i split the payment into 2 then none of it goes to my principal. I have asked for copy of my pay history. I kinda would like to refinance my car just to get away from this company.


Vesha Smith

The company has made my first car buying experience very difficult. Anytime I ask them a question I get different answers from everyone. No one seems to know what they are talking about. When I first got the account they called me three or more times to verify information. I had a problem once and asked to speak to a supervisor and she was really rude. She repeatedly cut me off and yelled at me. I have never felt so disrespected in my life. I would NEVER EVER finance another vehicle with them again! I have never known a company that would give you a hard time for being ONE day late on your payment. Horrible company.


Gibson Maldonado

SAFCO was the only company that approved me as a first time buyer without a cosigner. Was I in shock that I was charged 19% interest? Of course! But if you have no credit or bad credit what do you expect. I had my car loan for 48 months and paid it off within 14 months. Almost every payment I submitted about a week before it was due, at the latest 3 days before the due date to allow for it to get processed. The staff was always friendly and eager to help. I don't see how SAFCO has so many bad reviews. I think all the people that leave bad reviews are the ones that don't make their payments on time or don't know how to manage their money. If you don't make your payments on time of course they are going to blow up your phone! It's their money that you're borrowing! My credit score has now bounced up to 723 and I have SAFCO to thank for giving me that chance. They are the CREDIT BUILDERS! They report monthly also which is great! I go into a dealer now and I'm able to get any car I want. I bought a new car for 5% interest which isn't the best but that's only from 1 year of working on my credit and I plan to get better rates later on.


Renan Rodrigues

I’ve had a loan with safco for the past 2 years and never made a late payment. Now I went to a dealership to finance a new car and they were asking $8000 for down payment for a $16k car. Seriously? Thanks safco. I’ll make sure to copy and paste who’s review anywhere I can on the internet.


Jovan Jackson

bring back Sebastian Schultz since the company had thieves back in 2005 and never allowed this man to be successful. The owner missed out on this gem... bring that guy back he can turn this company around.



This company is the worst finance company you could ever deal with (I wish I could give them 0 stars). They don't care if you try to make a payment ahead of time, but if you're late 2 or 3 days they will take more than half of your monthly payment towards interest (and they say they only charge $2.11 per day if you're late smh). and if you call for explanation the representative of their customer services will till you straight up she/he don't know nor have an explanation. I honestly admit it financing with them is one of the worst decisions I have made in my life. Just stay away believe me they will make sure to rip you off in every possible chance.


Valicia Brinkley

This company is out to take advantage of people who have a hard time getting financed elsewhere. I problem was that I don't really have credit not that I have unpaid accounts. First I got stuck with a outrageous interest rate. (I've paid $2000 and only $550 has been applied to the balance of my loan). Then there was the fact that I started getting calls from reps telling me i needed to make my payment a week before it was even due. Then when I was 4 days late after Christmas I get a harassing phone call from a very rude rep telling me there was no grace period and I had to make a payment immediately. So after that episode I am refinancing with my credit union getting a much better rate and guaranteed better customer service. I will never use this company again no matter what type of situation I find myself in.


Erich Isayev

I wouldn't even give 1 star if it wasn't required to write a review. Where do I start , I thought everything was finalized after I signed all the necessary documents at the car lot but then I got a phone call from a rep at s.a.f.co. saying that the loan was not finalized yet because they still needed more information about my financial situation and wanted more bank statements ect ect ect . I had a trade in plus gave a $1,200 down payment on top of it and I am self employed as a contractor but apparently they don't understand how that works , they wanted to verify my employment after I gave them bank statements and even gave them documents showing every deposit my clients made to my bank account but that wasn't good enough they then wanted to talk to my clients to "verify" income , that's just crossing the line in my opinion especially when I already gave proof of income with bank statements. They are saying my loan may be denied now because I had to take two weeks off work for a family emergency and saying they can't verify my employment and my response was 1 I am self employed and have provided all the information they have asked for, 2 I'll be having my attorney contact them because as far as I'm concerned it is a done deal because I have already paid the down payment and signed the title transfer on the vehicle I used on trade and I have a signed contract with them and taken possession of the new vehicle so the only way they can make me give the vehicle back is if I either default on the loan by not making the scheduled payments or i decide to say the hell with it and they would have to give the vehicle I used on trade plus the cash down payment of $1,200 and pay what is due on that loan to keep it out of default because I have gotten calls from the other finance company saying that I am in default even though I have already signed over the title. I have bought several vehicle in my lifetime and have never dealt with as much crap as this and unless I'm mistaken once you sign the contract and the title over on your trade in it is a done deal and I will be getting an attorney. Bottom line s.a.f.co. is a damn joke and I will not be doing business with them ever again.


Mohammad Lodhi

Worst customer service every very rude and pushy. Sent my deal to the dealership back because of their incompetence. they later approved it and then gave me a call saying the loan is pending until i make my first payment. why in the world would i make a payment before i even get the loan approved. Id rather take an auto finance loan with the devil before taking another one with these guys.


Best Buy in Town

I we could give them a minus we could. They do not get back to you when there is a problem but are up in your face when they have a problem. They hold you money and accept payments from customers. Would not do business with them again!

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  • 1. How to Get in Touch Wtth Southern Auto Finance Company?

    You can give them a ring by this phone number +1 954-497-1000. Or you can visit their website and submit the application form online.
  • 3. How Can I Apply for Loans at Southern Auto Finance Company?

    You can visit their website and submit the application form online. If you are looking for payday cash loans, you can turn to iPaydayLoans for more details.
  • 5. What to Do if I Fail to Repay My Loan?

    You can talk to your lender if you have difficulty making the payments. Different lenders have different solutions to payment respite. It is advisable to read carefully before signing the loan agreement.
  • 2. What Is the Location Of Southern Auto Finance Company? How Can I Get There?

    Southern Auto Finance Company is located at 413 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33060, United States. Please carefully check the map and find the most convenient way to access it.
  • 4. Is Southern Auto Finance Company an Agency or a Lender?

    Southern Auto Finance Company is a Loan agency. To make things easier, iPaydayLoans can link you with a large pool of honest lenders over the internet. You can check out our platform to get a fast personal loan with no credit check.
  • 6. Does Southern Auto Finance Company Offer Bad Credit Loans?

    Yes, but if you want to get approved for a bad credit loan, iPaydayLoans is here to help! Just turn to our online service to get an online installment loan even with your low credit scores.

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