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OneMain Financial Sw 24th Ave, Ocala

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+1 352-291-0267


2800 SW 24th Ave #104, Ocala, FL 34471, United States

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OneMain Financial Reviews


Stephanie Jean

Genesis is amazing! She reached out to us this morning about an inquiry we sent through Credit Karama and by 2 pm we were signing docs. Smooth easy process, friendly service... one of the best loan experiences. Thank you Genesis and One Main Financial!

Response from the owner

Hi Stephanie! Thank you for sharing your OneMain experience. We're happy to hear that Genesis provided excellent customer service. We look forward to seeing you again soon. -Marissa



The manager eagerly assisted me with the ability to resolve my issue. I selected several optional insurance policies during my application process that totaled a whopping $2,600 🤦. Fortunately they were able to remove them all from my loan with no harm done. Would highly recommend and use them in the future.

Response from the owner

We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, Google username and a few more details about your experience. -AS


Lee Leffingwell

This office has the worst customer service ever. My branch prior to May of this year was the Six Gun Plaza. Well just recently I tried to contact the branch and was told they switched everything to this branch. I was told they sent a letter in May. That would explain all the harrasing phone calls I got from this branch like even 6 to 4 days before the due date with messages left to call them back. Now, compare that to the Six Gun branch when in nearly the entire time I was a customer there I can't remember a single time ANYONE called me a week before my due date harrassing me about my upcoming payment. Been a customer here for probably 10-11 yrs and anytime I was in a pinch $$ was no issue. This last time called talk to a rep. Asked to get just a few hundred how I did years ago. I had collateral which means a secured loan so shouldnt be no problem right? Wrong. I was told that you can only get a minimum of $1,500 now. Well, with a secured loan collateral I never had to do that I could get just a few hundred in the past. Also after talking with the rep she said how is your credit? I asked wait thought you didn't go by credit with a secured loan? She casually says oh no it's not really based on that and I said will that hurt my credit score? Well ended up being a hard pull on my credit which I did not want. Was then informed rudely that well your income isn't there as the rep began to tell me how much a month I spend on payments on my credit cards and goes you'll only have like $140 left? Huh.. right? Smh. Not sure where she got that math from but she was 100% wrong in my income and what I spend. Also, I only reached out to them because it was just about 2 months ago they reached out to me to ask if I needed to borrow any money? I guess they forgot that part. Never in my life have I had an experience like this with any business. Anyways, I only owe like 2 payments on an established loan with secured collateral with them but was always in the past before the holidays able to get a few hundred with one phone call. Looks like that's not the case anymore. I'll pay this off and never again will I use this company for a damn thing. If anything try to get and stay with the Six Gun branch. I also think it's wrong they just switched me to this branch and I have no say in it. Absolutely horrible way to do business. UPDATE: Paid this loan off in FULL in April. Here it's July and I'm still red flagged by this company on my credit report saying the account is " closed" . Normally it would be listed as " paid on full" or " paid tradeline" but here even after paying them off in full on credit karma this is also showing as 30 days late and they are making it seem as if they closed the account instead of me being paid in full knowing I fulfilled all my obligations. Tried to call them and you are always put on hold. I finally did get a hold on someone and they immediately sounded frustrated with me, 100% didn't really want to listen to my concerns, and even at one point when I said this loan is now " paid in full" so why is this still showing late? The manager proceeded to tell me that during my time having this loan I was late near the end of it? Um... so? Why does that matter now that the loan is paid off? This place needs a lesson in people skills from top to bottom pronto starting with replacing managemen here. ... now I have to contact my credit companies 3 months after paying them off to see if I can get this straightened out. Wow. Stay away from these people please.


Bill Lown

These "people" working here are a sorry batch. They don't care about helping customers especially not ones who have paid off loans and are paying back loans with never a negative mark, late payment, or anything. They treat you like your a waste of their time, they are very argumentative with you. I'll never do business with them again. Avant is a much better place with friendlier people. Steer clear of this Ocala office.


Richard Rubin

They are polite and professional. They always seems to very empathetic assistance to their clients.

Response from the owner

Hi Richard, Thank you for your feedback and for being a customer! Best wishes, – LF


Devilance Abernathy

Genesis did a fantastic job of getting a lien situation straightened out for my. Great job! Thank you so much!

Response from the owner

Hi David, Thank you for sharing your OneMain experience. We're happy to hear that Genesis provided excellent customer service. We look forward to seeing you again soon. – LF


Diane Shoemaker

A great company do business with people are friendly and very helpful my loan closed in two days I I recommend them to anybody very good company they tell you everything so you understand they give you your options which you can take or leave great company and thank you Jennifer

Response from the owner

Hi Diane, We appreciate your positive feedback about your experience. We're pleased to hear that your loan came through quickly. Feel free to reach out for any additional assistance. – LF


Robert HannaH

Due to medical bills we have been struggling financially for some time now. The Associates at OneMain Financial have been very kind and work with us to keep our account in order. They are nice people and we are blessed to have our loan with them! Robert & Rhonda H.


Gspadez tooreal

Please please please be aware these people work a regular job and do not care whether or not your committed to your loan.. you wonder why there’s a 10 day grace period that because no matter your credit score their interest rate and charge is just outta this world... they tell you your Loan percentage overtime to get you to sign but what you unaware of is there starting interest charges and rates vs.. what you will generally be paying overtime whatever your amount is monthly be prepared to double if not triple that payment or you’ll have $20-50 of your payment towards principle till your last year on the loan... by that time you would have paid double if not triple your loan amount scammers


Shannan Mott

Loan was good to get, but Pam was very rude

Response from the owner

Hello Shannan and thanks for reaching out. We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, Google username and a few more details about your experience. -AS

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  • 1. What Is the Phone Number of OneMain Financial?

    You can contact OneMain Financial via +1 352-291-0267. You can access our online loan marketplace to get instant loan quotes as well.
  • 3. What Loan Services Can I Get From OneMain Financial?

    OneMain Financial provides following services:
    • Installment loans
    • Payday loans
    • Title loans
    • Flex loans
    • Line of credit
    Learn more information about OneMain Financial.
  • 5. Is OneMain Financial An Agency Or A Lender?

    OneMain Financial is a Loan agency that accepts all kinds of loan requests including online installment loans. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan service platform, can connect our customers with our panel of partner lenders to get reliable loan services.
  • 2. How Can I Find the Location of OneMain Financial?

    OneMain Financial is located at 2800 SW 24th Ave #104, Ocala, FL 34471, United States. You can look for their store address on the map software and visit them in no time.
  • 4. How Can I Get A Loan At OneMain Financial?

    You can fill in our easy-to-use online form on their website. If you need addition financial assistance, you can always check our website to explore more options.
  • 6. What Will Happen If I Failed To Perform Repayment On My Loan?

    You should contact your lender if you have issue paying your loans. Your lender may adjust the loan plan for you to cope with your current repayment ability. Check our website to learn more information if, for example, you defaulted on your title loans online.
  • 7. Can I Get Loans With Bad Credit from OneMain Financial?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with bad credit such as online personal loans from them. You can contact the lenders for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also visit our online loan platform to get instant loan quotes with bad to no credit.

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