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Bank of America (with Drive-thru services) Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee

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+1 850-668-6200


3430 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32309, United States

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  • ATM Services Available
  • Accepts Appointments
  • Cash Non Customer Checks
  • Change Orders
  • Commercial Deposits Accepted
  • Drive Thru Teller Services
  • Financial Solutions Advisor
  • Glass Barrier At Customer Service Desk
  • Home Loans Specialist
  • Night Deposit Accepted
  • Open Saturdays

Bank of America (with Drive-thru services) Reviews


Vi Vian

Putting money to this bank is a pain. I came in to deposit cash (i don't do a lot) i didn't write the whole account number on the deposit slip and asked her if she can locate by phone or name and showed her my ID. She asked for social sec # (i hate giving ss#). She said she will shred it. I'm worried about how secure they are as the teller tear the paper with her hand and throw it in the trash bin which is shocking. THEY CANT AFFORD A SECURE SHREDDER? I have decided to switch bank..

Response from the owner

Hi Vivian. We are disappointed to hear this and would like a chance to connect. We’d like to keep you as a client. Please reach out to a member of our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BofA_Help or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BankofAmerica. ^Matthew


Ethan Gillespie

You would think the managers would hire a few more tellers to help at lunch time. One teller working and some woman sitting behind her not doing anything.


Pranit Satam

0 Star to this BOA branch, waiting for entire day to collect one document which was sent via FAX by BOA associate. The Branch couldn't find out why the fax is not received. Branch employees just saying "if BOA associate sending it and we are not receiving it then we are not receiving it." They not even checking if the FAX machine is working or not. Finally went to another Thomasville BOA branch and received fax within 2 minutes. Worst customer Service.


Kelly Duvall

I used the drive through here to deposit a check for my mom and sat in the drive through lane for 20 minutes with only one car in front of me. I would have left but a car pulled up behind me blocking me in. I have never been to a slower bank and hopefully will never have to go back. Get it together BOA!


Dean Copeland

Tellers are very nice. Bank closed too early. 4pm is ridiculous. They don't care about their clients convenience. They're never right on time at 9am when they open. Typical. Never apologize to clients for making them wait.


Shawna Baas

Worst bank ever, they charge accounts that should not be charged (ie son/minor social security account with auto deposit) MONTHLY, I do believe this is illegal. My husband went to DEPOSIT check into the account last week and they told him he can't deposit checks, only cash. He went back today to DEPOSIT CASH & was told he can't deposit that either. My account has been taken over TWICE and I didn't get reimbursed until 1 YEAR LATER and they charged my account 100's of dollars during BOTH catastrophes and I was never refunded those fees. If it was simple to change social security deposits to a different bank, I would do it in a heart beat and this is coming from someone who was in banking for 20+ years.

Response from the owner

Thank you for your review. We would like to connect to find out how we can help. Please reach out to a member of our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BofA_Help or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BankofAmerica



The customer service here is horrible. I make coin business deposits frequently and every time I come it takes forever since they have 1 teller no matter what time I come. Today I deposited $17.50 in quarters. I could only roll the first $10 and the other $7.50 was loose. The teller told me they do not accept any loose change over $5 as they have to hand count it. How exactly can I bring in any quarters under $10 rolled? Again, I come here often and bring different amounts, but I always have loose change and have never been told no before. The teller usually uses a plastic counter. When I suggested he use that, he said he can't because it is full. How is that my fault? He deposited it for me, but said at the end very condescending "do not come back with more that $5 in quarters unwrapped". I walked out so I would not regret my words. I will be contacting corporate about this matter. There is nothing on BOA's website that indicates this rule, and I spoke to all of the managers at our other properties that do the same thing and none of them have ever had an issue where they are located. Is this just a branch rule at this location? I tried to call the branch unsuccessfully for the last 20 minutes in hopes of speaking with a manager to better understand this "policy" as our company deposits coins too frequently to bank with BOA if they are this unaccommodating.


jessica meyers

One teller constantly refuses to give me a couple quarter wrappers when I ask maybe once or twice a month. Noone else has ever had a problem or has refused me. I work at a hotel and we have a very large national account with BOA and figure this is a complimentary service. Theres even a pamphlet out now from boa stating all change must be wrapped and wrappers are PROVIDED free to customers. I'm sure if i bring $100 worth of loose quarters that would be a problem and would be told to wrap them, not that I would expect a teller to do it for me, but when you're refused its ridiculous. Didnt know it was such a problem asking a huge NATIONAL bank for a few coin wrappers.


Amanda Taylor

Wish I could give no stars. Worst bank ever. I have taken my business elsewhere. I have been dealing with this place for years, and don't understand why it is such a Hassel to access my OWN MONEY. Never any help in the drive through, usually only 1 teller inside. Awful customer service, and Everytime, there is always an excuse, never an apology, just bad banking!


Tashena Lafleur

The drive thru seems to always have an issue with the service that I need. There is always a teller missing when I need to have something completed. The staff that is there are friendly.

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