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Truist Sw High Meadow Ave, Palm City

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+1 772-221-4702


2921 SW High Meadow Ave, Palm City, FL 34990, United States

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Truist Reviews


limitless Coker

More and more impressed with his bank every day. If you have an issue see Kaitlyn. She’ll even remember your name. How often do you get that in a bank. I stand in line people come in and she knows everyone. I’ve only talk to her once and she remembered my name. Call she takes care of any issue you have. It’s the employees that make it special no matter where you go.


Russ Sites

One of the best banks I have ever done business with. Has been one of my favorites for over 30 years. The manager and staff are first class: very helpful, very courteous and very knowledgeable! I call them SIMPLY THE BEST.


A&T Enterprises of Palm Beach

Terrible Customer service. Snotty employees. Wouldn't cash a simple check. The person who wrote me the check will be closing his account. Our whole family used to be with SunTrust. We now bank with Seacoast National. SunTrust just close your doors and make palm City a better place.


Carly Batts

I just want to say that thus far my experience with this branch of BB&T has been nothing short of a pleasure. All the staff are super helpful and courteous. Yesterday, when it looked like it was going to rain - Ms. Turner emailed me before I came in and told me to just come through the drive thru so I wouldn't get wet! Talk about customer service! Love doing my business banking with BB&T Palm City!


Salt Watersports Cayman

Brittany the manager at this Palm City location is awesome! I drive from Stuart to this location for the customer service. She has always gone over and beyond for me. Thanks Brittany your the best!


Tara Daniele

This is the worst Branch I've ever been to. They organized, unprepared and uneducated. I sat in line at the teller for 31 minutes today 31 minutes!!! I missed my lunch break because I sat at the bank for 31 minutes. This bank has basically ruined my life. This branch is garbage, and customer service is terrible. Save yourself the time and hassle and go elsewhere


Erin Squires

Awful bank. You wil be on hold for hours trying to fix problems the bank causes and then they will charge you a fee. Avoid this bank, they will litrerally steal money from your account and charge you a fee to prevent it.


Mark And Blitz

By far the best bank in town, by a mile. The staff know me by name and are like friends, I love them all,,, Hi Georgia, hope your German Shepherd is doing fine.


Vicki C

I WILL NEVER CONSIDER OPENING AN ACCOUNT AT THIS BANK !!! I had an awful experience with this bank MAINLY DUE TO A SENIOR TELLER, MARK INGRAM. I was taking my great dane puppy to the vet and decided to stop at this branch and cash a check someone gave me drawn on this bank. I tried to go to the drive up window so I wouldn't have to leave my puppy in the vehicle. Mark Ingram told me I would have to come inside as I was not an account holder, eventhough I provided my license. I showed him my puppy and explained the situation but he again told me I would have to come in. To this I replied "ok, but this is a reason I would not bank with this bank" as I would not want an association with someone or someone they represent to not have care or concern over an animals safety or comfort! And yes I could have come at another time when I didn't have the puppy, but I'm a business owner and am extremely short on time as everyone is and would've appreciated the convenience of the drive thru as parking and coming inside is a waste of my time when I'm providing the necessary Identification! After parking and entering the lobby, it was very apparent I was their only business as it was empty other than employees. I went up to the counter where MARK INGRAM took my check and told me there would be an $8.00 fee to cash the check. I said "well, that would be another reason I wouldn't bank here" and He held my check up threateningly and said with a sarcastic smile "MA'AM, I DON'T HAVE TO CASH THIS CHECK!" I replied " I can go to another branch" and he slid the check back to me! I did end up cashing it without a problem at another branch but will be letting BB&T's corporate know that first of all, Mark Ingram is representing them in an unprofessional manner as you would think he would always be thinking of anyone entering his bank could be a potential customer, and I have gay friends and family, so I have no judgement whatsoever other than women do not act as ridiculously flaming as this man acts! It is definately a reflection of this business. I don't have issues with what people do on their own time but when representing a business, someone's sexual preference should not be so abundantly displayed! Secondly, Corporate should be aware that people judge other banks treatment of them as to how their associates will be treated by that bank in determining a future relationship. I don't think my associates should have to pay an $8.00 fee to access my money so I hope that "GREED" thing is working for you!! And lastly, If someone is providing the necessary government issued commercial driving license at the drive thru, they should not be inconvenienced with a requirement to come in just so you can try to badger them into opening an account, which is also something I pay attention to when considering a future business relationship! Not sure how MARK INGRAM got to a Senior teller position but he is definitely NOT an asset to the company. In fact, I'm not sure I'm going to accept checks drawn from BB&T just to avoid this situation in the future.


Sam Garzon

Clueless manager, did not even know how to endorse an insurance check

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  • 1. What Is the Phone Number of Truist?

    You can call Truist via +1 772-221-4702. You can use our online platform to submit your loan request as well.
  • 3. How Can I Apply For A Loan At Truist?

    You can fill in our easy-to-use online form on their website. If you need further assistance, you can always visit our online loan platform and explore more options to get payday advance loans.
  • 5. What Will Happen If I Am Not Able To Pay Back My Loan?

    You can always contact your lender if you have issue paying your loans. Your lender may adjust the loan plan for you to cope with your current financial status. If you default on your online title loan services, you may no longer possess your vehicle any more.
  • 2. Where Can I Find Truist?

    Truist is located at 2921 SW High Meadow Ave, Palm City, FL 34990, United States. Take a look at the map and pay them a visit right now.
  • 4. Is Truist An Agency Or A Lender?

    Truist is a Bank that accepts all kinds of loan requests. You can check our website to get various loan services including online installment loan services. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan service platform, can connect our customers with our panel of partner lenders to get dependable loan services.
  • 6. Can I Get Loans With Unpleasant Credit Background from Truist?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with a low credit score such as online personal loan services from them. You can contact the lenders for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also check our website to get instant loan offers with bad to no credit.

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