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Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL Elkcam Blvd, Deltona

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+1 800-447-7228


2783 Elkcam Blvd Suite 209, Deltona, FL 32738, United States

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Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL Reviews


angel alonso

I go to this branch every week. Staff is always super helpful and accommodating with all my needs. I could not ask for more. After banking for a couple months I refinanced car my there aswell to save a significant amount on my car loan. 5 stars, friendly great place to bank.


Markus Wells

Unprofessional. Disorganized. Discriminatory. Sold a vehicle to a member of this location. Demanded I be there in person for the members loan and sale info. This was an hour away from me. Made the trip. This place treated me like an absolute criminal. Forced me to call my bank to prove there was no lien in the title, even tho the title reflected as such. The staff is so inexperienced that they made us wait while they called the DMV to ask them how to perform the title transfer, only to be told the same thing I already told them. Total process took from 2:45pm until 6:30pm. They lied to me and told me they would give me cash then at 6:18pm, after my bank had already closed, the manager says he can only give me a check, which he makes out to myself and my mother (who I put on all of my vehicles incase something happens to me) knowing full well she lives in MI. Which is where I had to book a flight and fly to in order to get my money. This branch needs to be retrained or restaffed and the manager should be terminated. Absolutely disgusting how horrible I was treated, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Joy T

Update: Spoke with Michael the branch manager and he tried to explain how overdraft and the fees worked and how many I had etc. However, my concern was no longer the overdraft fees but what was said and the tone of "unless you want trouble was stated". It showed he did not understand the full nature of why i actually requested to speak with him. I assume he felt it was solely the fee reversals. I Let him know that made me uncomfortable and embarrassed to be there once that was said. He is a white man so i doubt that he truly cared or understood because he replied that it was taken out of context. He stated he would train and bring it to the teams attention. Hopefully he will do what he said over the phone. however i will still not return to the branch. Very sad: Actually excited that there is one closer to my house now. However, when trying to get extra help with my business account to bring it current because of over $300 worth of overdraft fees, the man behind the counter was told by another banker quietly "I wouldn't reverse them unless you want trouble, but its up to you" like a dog whistle to not help a black customer and that led to him not helping a small business owner in Volusia County, I asked for the bank manager and have not heard back yet I would like to know if this is how they will be doing business, at their discretion based off of who knows what? maybe color, gender? times are very tough for business owners especially me and I am trying to make things work until things pick back up. I never over drafted until the pandemic happened. Sccu has been very helpful even with overdraft fees I never had an issue. after leaving that branch I went online and had a few reversed by visiting the chat help online. Thought I could get everything done at my local branch, but seems they are the "good ol boys" looking out for the "good ol boys" over there. IF you are of color, or woman i would avoid this location and go to the more diverse location in orange city or Daytona. I'm still shocked to what I heard and how I was treated. I wont be back to the branch because i do not feel they care about the bankers and judge off of appearance. I'm sure if i was a white man like them i would have been helped more and not have to go online to get results. i am still awaiting to speak with manager Michael Stovall to see if this is normal.



Spoke with one of the gentleman here, I can’t remember his name, first guy to the left, but he helped us out and his customer service was outstanding, my wife and I are very happy to begin doing business with this branch of Space Coast, 10/10 recommend!


Yajaira Velez

Great Experience! Friendly staff, they go above and beyond! Excellent customer Service!


Debbie Cohen

I recommend this Credit Union to everyone. They are friendly and extremely caring. Had a bad day one time and mgr came out with a travel mug and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. The extra things like fax and copy are awesome . Great job. The branch in Deltona I always use.


Abby Marion

Needs to have Saturday hours for working people since it's in a huge residential neighborhood. Unfortunately their excuse is that there's no drive thru, well... it just opened a couple of months ago, why did SCCU open a branch with no drive thru if that's their preferred way of service? Maybe take some of the extra employees that sit there during the week during the day (there's usually 3-4 and maybe one customer at a time) when no one comes in and give them some Saturday hours.


C Hagen

Customer service is great! Easy convenient location!


Brianna Rogers

recently visited this location and I must say I was very impressed by how respectful & welcoming the staff was. 100% recommend this location.

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  • 1. How to Get Access With Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL?

    You can make them a phone call through this phone number +1 800-447-7228. Or you can visit their website and fill in the request form online.
  • 3. How Can I Apply for Loans at Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL?

    You can visit their website and fill in the request form online. If you are looking for payday loans, you can visit iPaydayLoans website for more details.
  • 5. What Happens if I Fail to Pay Off My Loan?

    You can consult with your lender if you are struggling with the monthly payments. Different lenders have different standards to deferred payment. Please always read carefully before signing the loan agreement.
  • 2. What Is the Address Of Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL? How Can I Access?

    Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL is located at 2783 Elkcam Blvd Suite 209, Deltona, FL 32738, United States. You may refer to the map and locate the fastest way to access it.
  • 4. Is Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL an Agency or a Lender?

    Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL is a Credit union. To make things easier, iPaydayLoans enables you to get access with a wide range of reputed lenders over the internet. You can visit our website to secure a personal loan online with no credit check.
  • 6. Does Space Coast Credit Union | Dupont Lakes | Deltona, FL Offer Loans for People With Bad Credit?

    Yes, but if you want to get approved for a bad credit loan, you can turn to our broker service! Just turn to our online service to get an online installment loan even with your low credit scores.

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