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OneMain Financial Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota

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+1 941-248-3574


4298 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233, United States

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OneMain Financial Reviews


Tiffany Schnepper

Had a loan through this company and had zero complaints until we paid it off. I stopped at a branch to get the pay off amount, let them know we were paying it off and to stop the autopay. They received the pay off check and still withdrew the autopay from my account. When I called to have them reverse it, they stated they cannot because they already have a refund check processing and they will not send it out until 12 days from now! So now I have to wait for my money that they should never have taken and it’s 9 days before Christmas and we could use that money. I would not recommend this company based on this experience alone.

Response from the owner

Hello Tiffany and thanks for reaching out. We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, Google username and a few more details about your experience. -AS


Norma Carol

Dan Hlasnick provided excellent step-by-step guidance through the loan process while being attentive to my financial requirements. Several options were offered with no pressure. Rates are affordable and the loan has no repay restrictions. OneMain is highly recommended.


Coriander Warren

Tracey was wonderful! They helped me get a loan to consolidate all my debt. High interest rate, but.... They HELPED ME like I was an actual human!!!! Highly recommend

Response from the owner

Hi Coriander, Thank you for the great review! We're so happy to hear that Tracey went above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service. We take pride in serving our customers and look forward to assisting you in the future. Thank you! – LF


Big Time

Very unconvincing representative, scary financially dangerous position this "lender" wanted to put me in and I am not even seeking a loan nor am I a client.... I was approached by phone by a person wanting to purchase my advertised vehicle and asked for all the title numbers and vehicle information prior to ever having looked at the vehicle in person, gave me fax and email address of what seemed to be a legitimate loan officer at a legitimate establishment but I still refrained from sending the requested information but messaged by phone and email with no response... Called twice because the first call I was just told she was busy.... Left info again requested a call back... Nothing, so called again, and long story short I still don't know if know if this attempted fraud or not... They, or she wants me to take an unsecured loan client of hers, to the DMV and completely sign over ownership of my vehicle to her client without me being paid or even having a check issued to me for my vehicle..... Then, according to her, the client would bring her the title, now in his name, to the lender to secure the loan after the fact? Yeah after I'm screwed out of ownership without being paid... I also found a fraud alert about One Main Financial's name being used by other bad intentioned people to defraud loan applicants out of an advance fee for obtaining personal loans... I say avoid fishy sounding deals for your own protection. Just say no


John Caudill

100% complete and utter rip off joint. They'll never give you as much money as they suck you in telling you that they can get you $10,000. Then if you're stupid enough to go for their deal they'll charge you 30% for 3 years on $3,000. Not 30% on $3,000 but 30% on $3,000 for 3 years which comes to $900 just in interest making it a $5,000 loan. They won't mention they need your car title in place of this money. I have a car that's worth $8,000 and they're giving me $3,000 in place of my car title? God please don't be stupid enough to ever go to this place and borrow any money. It would be the worst mistake you would ever make in your life. A complete and utter rip-off joint. You'd be better off to go to the Italian mafia to borrow money. They would only charge you 10% on the total amount of money not 30% every year the loan is supposed to exist that you can't pay off.


Josh Lampp

Ariana was professional at first but then proceeded to laugh at me because the questions I was asking about my account. I got charged a $20 late fee for no reason what so ever. I will be conducting business else where very soon

Response from the owner

Hello Josh and thanks for reaching out. We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, Google username and a few more details about your experience. -AS


Edward Morgan

I could not have been more satisfied with the customer service provided by OneMainFinancial. The entire process was compled quickly. I had the funds deposited in my bank account the day after signing the loan application. My loan advisor was kind and compassionate. She fully explained the loan amount, monthly payments, the computation of interest and the APR. I was made aware of all documents that were executed on this loan and my payback responsibility. I was happy to pay the agreed upon interest and any encumbrance applied against my auto. I Needed The Money and would have signed over my house to them. OneMainFinancial came through with flying colors when I needed help.

Response from the owner

Hi Edward, We are so glad to hear about your experience. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes -JS


Shelly Sands

I'm really happy with the customer service however I'm not happy with the whole loan. We had a loan for almost a year and when we paid it off we ended up paying $400 more than our actual loan was after 8 months. Still very confused and not really understanding quiet how that happened. They said it's because we had a lot of extras like life insurance and job protection however within the 8 months my husband lost his job due to medical reasons and they only help us with two payments so whatever you do don't get any of the extras it's a total rip-off.


Helen McCleery

Debbie in Sarasota was just so nice, professional and conscientious. A really pleasant expererience.

Response from the owner

Hi Helen, We're happy to hear that your loan process went smoothly and that Debbie delivered excellent customer service. Thank you for choosing OneMain, and we'll look forward to assisting you in the future. – RP


AJ Schwartz

This is my second go around with this company. Both times I applied were very simple, and to the point. The women there are very knowledgeable and effiecient. I would, and do, recommend one main to family and friends that need that extra little amount of monies for building credit or paying bills. Elisha was very knowledgeable and efficient, ask for her! As far as the one star review that is listed below mine, I have nooooo problem explaining what that angry little person is talking about. For one, if you don’t have good credit, yes, you will be paying high interest. Why? Because Credit stands for credibility and until you’ve Earned your credit you don’t QUALIFY for a loan, from even Another company, at a lower rate. For a 10,000 loan....of COURSE you’re going to need good credit or collateral!!! Would you trust a total stranger to pay YOU back $10,000 if you didn’t have collateral? I wouldn’t! Being upset over a high interest rate, all of which is FULLY explained to you BEFORE they ever pull your credit, when your credit is in the pooper is like getting upset that Outback charges $21.00 for their filet mignon....can you go to the grocery store and pay less for the same? Of course you can! Can you get a loan through your own bank for lower interest? Of course you can! Unless your credit is in the crapper, which is what THIS loan agency is for!!! Pay back the money you borrowed as quickly as possible, if your payment is $50 biweekly, pay $100 instead and you will pay Half the interest! This company offered to help me with a small $1,500 loan when I was worried that I wouldn’t have the funds to cover bills while on vacation that my ex fiancé booked at a bad financial time. I knew it wasn’t smart to take a vacation unless I had bills paid for for two months in advance. So, I borrowed the $1,500 & paid more than payment was for close to a year. I decided I wanted to pay off all credit cards, debt consolidation, so that I could pay what I’ve been paying towards one amount and pay it off quicker for cheaper. Applied for an additional $3k, they approved me with no collateral. I was approved for no collateral because my credit shows I have 100% payment(never had a late payment in my life), this was the second loan I was getting from them and already proved to them I pay back in a timely manner, and I make enough money that my debt to income ratio isn’t blown up. So, no, not all loans require collateral, and you can pay the loan back as quick as you’d like with no early termination fees, which means the quicker you pay it back the cheaper it is and less interest you pay. Only ignorant minds need complain. Complaining about collateral or interest when you have bad credit is like Complaining that you can buy a whole 12pack of pop at the dollar store for $2.50, but one can cost $1.00 at a convince store. Listen to what your advisor tells you, and make your own adult decision about what’s best for you. Don’t be naive, nothing in life is free, especially borrowing money. & remember, Credit stands for credibility in a lenders eyes. Bad credit, is high risk. Bad credit, means you either Aren’t credible, haven’t been credible due to an unforeseen incident, or haven’t Earned your credit yet. Hope this helps someone into making their Own educated decision. Picture listed below is from my credit karma app to prove I’m merely a customer who believes in this company and their staff and that I’m not an employee.

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  • 1. How Can I Contact OneMain Financial?

    You can call OneMain Financial via +1 941-248-3574. You can fill in our easy-to-use online form to submit your loan application as well.
  • 3. What Loan Services Can I Get From OneMain Financial?

    OneMain Financial provides all sorts of loan services, including:
    • Installment loans
    • Payday loans
    • Title loans
    • Flex loans
    • Line of credit
    See more service details of OneMain Financial.
  • 5. Is OneMain Financial An Agency Or A Lender?

    OneMain Financial is a Loan agency that accepts all kinds of loan requests including installment loans online. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan broker, can connect our customers with our panel of partner lenders to get dependable loan services.
  • 2. How Can I Find the Location of OneMain Financial?

    OneMain Financial is located at 4298 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233, United States. You can search the address on the map software and visit them in no time.
  • 4. How Can I Apply For A Loan At OneMain Financial?

    You can submit your loan request on their website. If you need further assistance, you can always click here to choose between various loan options.
  • 6. What Will Happen If I Failed To Perform Repayment On My Loan?

    You can discuss the issue with your lender if you have issue paying your loans. Your lender may change your repayment due dates for you to cope with your current financial status. Check our website to learn more information if, for example, you defaulted on your online title loan services.
  • 7. Can I Get Loans With Bad Credit from OneMain Financial?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with a low credit score such as personal loans online from them. You can contact the lenders for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also check out our website to get instant loan quotes with bad credit-friendly requirements.

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