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Harvesters Credit Union S Hwy, Cantonment

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+1 850-857-4328


400 S Hwy 29 South, Cantonment, FL 32533, United States

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Harvesters Credit Union Reviews


shannon towery

Harvesters is a Horrible bank. Changed from pen air to harvesters but changed back to penair they don't even have a ATM accessible in milton then when you use another banks ATM and they won't refund fees closed account and got charged 10.00 I will never bank with them ever again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PEN AIR.


Joel Bowers

Diana Blanchard at Harvesters has your back every step of the way. I found the house and went with Harvesters. We had the initial meeting and covered the bases. Diana took care of the rest. Excellent service! Great person! I was very satisfied with the whole experience. ----UPDATE---- While Diana had it together..... Harvesters will charge you $5 if you dont have your current address on file. So if you change your address you better call them before hand. I have CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. I do not recommend doing busness with them. Many other credit unions around.

Response from the owner

Thanks, Joel!


Bridget Arnold

Amazing Credit Union with even better staff! We use them for all aspects of our finances. Most recently we worked with Diana Blanchard to purchase our first home and we could not be more pleased with the amazing service provided by Mrs. Blanchard and the team at Harvesters FCU!

Response from the owner

We are glad you had a great experience, Bridget!


Ahnen Levins

So this ISN’T the first time they have messed up my card but it will be the last. Our account went negative due to the storm and my carelessness of not preparing for the possibility of a hurricane hitting. That’s fine. My bad. It locked our account because after I think 24 hours being the in the negative because of their programs. Again that’s fine! My fault. But since I couldn’t fix it the very next day when I noticed because the bank was closed for DAYS due to no power. I get charged probably $10-$15 in fees from transferring my money from savings. Because that’s literally all I had and they couldn’t take anymore. So I finally get down there after I’ve had to spend the cash I had and “fix” it. I even said are you sure because last time? (which this isn’t a frequent thing. I’m a server and sometimes can’t get to the bank on time.) she says yes ma’am everything is good. I gave her every dime I had. We go to the store because we had to throw all our food away. I just went grocery shopping Sunday and Monday and restocked my whole house when the hurricane happened. We get through the line. Cards declined. Both of them. It was so embarrassing and emotional. In front of our kids and an entire freaking store who have their own problems! It’s so bad we get to leave with our little $20 worth of food because Winn Dixie gave it to us! I’m extremely grateful but mortified. So I go today and the lady could really careless. Is explaining to me that they didn’t unlock it they did a refresh on my card and that I’d have to come in to make a new pin but I couldn’t because they were closed technically so my other option was to get it mailed to me which would take longer. I can barely get to the bank to freaking put money in some days. I’m working all six days excluding Sunday to try to get back to some kind of normal. I can’t even get there until right at close!!! And she really didn’t even care. And that’s exactly why my husband and I have finally decided to go to a different bank. Every time I have an issue with my card when they give me a new one. Every time no one cares. I’ve called to try to build my credit no one calls back or emails. Don’t get me started on the app that never wants to load or act right. All together we will be leaving this bank.


Steven Blake

Banking with them is very inconvenient. Online banking app is a joke but in branch isn't much better. They should really invest in getting with the times. It shouldn't be so much of a hassle to pay on my credit card account either online or in person and customer service could definitely be improved. I enjoy banking with Gulf Winds, and Navy Federal much more than HFCU.


Deborah Mayo

*** Update to original review ** I was contacted by Dustin and Dan and we were able to resolve the situation. They were kind and understanding, exactly what you would expect from a Credit Union. Thank you both so much for your help and your compassion in a difficult situation. I updated from a 1 star to a 4 star. *** After a death in the family, we called to let Harversters know that the person had died. The loan was current. They told me we had 30 days to settle the loan. 2 weeks later they called for a decision if we were going to settle the loan immediately and gave us 2 days for a decision. I pointed out that the loan was current! I wish i had not called them to let them know about the death. I would not have been harassed for a decision, I can't make so quickly.


James Fuji

I was recently approved for a mortgage by Harvester's Federal Credit Union. My loan officer was Mrs. Diana Blanchard. I could not have been more pleased with the service she provided me. I had several banks pass on this loan, but Mrs. Blanchard made it happen. She is a true professional, providing answers to my many questions and reassurance when I needed it. Mrs. Blanchard should be your first stop when looking for a mortgage.


Joshua Trosclair

Diana Blanchard was great to work with. She always returned my phone calls and was very responsive to any questions that i had. She was easy to work with and worked hard to get me a very good interest rate.

Response from the owner

Thank you for sharing, Joshua!


Lynn Rüff

Excellent service in all branches!! We recently bought our first home thanks to Robin Arnold, the HFCU Mortgage Rock Star, and Carol Smith, Mortgage Processor Guru! Reliable, friendly, knowledgeable, patient, gets things done for you. Go see Robin at Nine Mile if you are looking to buy or refinance your home! She and their entire team are amazing.

Response from the owner

Thanks for sharing your experience, Lynn! We are happy Robin and Carol could help you get into your home!


Jason Diaz

Diana has been wonderful to work with. My wife and I are building a home and it's stressful enough, and she has been so easy to deal with. We really appreciate all her assistance.

Response from the owner

Thank you for sharing, Jason!

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  • 1. What Is the Phone Number of Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    You can call Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers via +1 850-857-4328. You can access our online loan marketplace to get instant loan quotes as well.
  • 3. How Can I Request A Loan At Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    You can submit your loan request on their website. If you need further assistance, you can always check out our website and choose between various loan options to get payday advance loans.
  • 5. What Will Happen If I Can't Pay Back My Loan?

    You can discuss the issue with your lender if you have trouble performing repayments. Your lender may adjust the loan plan for you to cope with your current repayment ability. If you default on your title loans online, you may lose the ownership of your car.
  • 2. What Is the Address of Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers is located at 400 S Hwy 29 South, Cantonment, FL 32533, United States. Take a look at the map and get the support you need from them without any hassles.
  • 4. Is Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers An Agency Or A Lender?

    Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers is a Credit union that accepts all kinds of loan requests. You can visit our online platform to get various loan services including online installment loans. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan service platform, can connect our customers with our online partner lenders to get reliable loan services.
  • 6. Can I Get Loans With Bad Credit from Braswell & Son Pawn Brokers?

    Yes, it is possible to apply for loans without perfect credit score such as personal loans online from them. You can contact the lenders for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also visit our online platform to get instant loan offers with bad credit-friendly requirements.

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