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Chase Bank S Belcher Rd, Clearwater

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+1 727-791-0612


533 S Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States

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Chase Bank Reviews


Dayna Barkley

What a waste of time!! Went to the branch on Belcher & Gulf to Bay to open a small business account yesterday & was advised to make an appointment to complete it in a timely fashion. Went home, spent 25 minutes filling out the online application only to get an email stating the company does not open small business accounts online and I would need to visit a branch (SO WHY HAVE THE APPLICATION AVAILABLE ONLINE???) Tried calling both the Gulf to Bay branch and this branch this am (this branch I tried 5 times!!) and always got a voice mail. I returned during my lunch break to the original branch and today there was no one available to open an account. So as I drove to this branch, I again tried to call ahead so as not to waste additional time and AGAIN got a voicemail. I arrived 7 minutes later to see 3 employees behind the counter with nobody waiting. I inquired about the account and was told that this branch was "appointment only" and nobody was there to open the account. I explained how many times I tried to call and make that appt and asked if they don't answer their phones, and she said, "when we are not busy. You can make your appointment online." I've had enough. I am trying to launch a small business and don't need to waste valuable time trying to hunt down a branch that can offer such a basic service. Too bad that Chase will not be my partner when this company grows from a small business to a big business. Glad I am seeing my value before establishing the relationship. Onto the next one!


Joseph Anthony Jerez

Wait time at drive thru is ridiculously slow. Outside atm is down 50% of the time. When I asked inside why nobody was working the drive thru they acted like I didn’t know what I was talking about despite me telling them I had been waiting at the drive thru window for over 10 minutes and nobody came to the window. Corporate needs to make some changes at this location.


Dan Brown

I’m a small private business owner and got great service there. I really liked the person who helped us out (Haithim?). He was very patient and quite fun to deal with. Not the stuffy, stiff, conservative banker you normally deal with. Very helpful. I highly recommend.


George Flannigan

Horrible I cannot understand why the staff at this location is so rude, unprofessional and screwed up. All I can say there were two people in front of me and they were closing their account, arguing with the manager and it took 45 minutes. Just a bunch of stupid, arrogant kids with no customer skills All the positive reviews must be fake !


Bad Customer Serv.

I called twice around 12pm on a Saturday, and spoke with Cindy and asked about opening a new account. Cindy kept saying it was too late for for me to go and open the account. I kept calling until I got the manager and he was able to help me.


Danielle Ray

I went in on a Friday to deposit my paycheck AND student loan check. The total was over $13,000. The next day I woke up to my account being overdrawn by -$11,000 and had NO MONEY. I went into this location, where I deposited originally, and there was NOTHING they could do to help me. So on my Saturday morning I had to wait over an hour to call their customer service line to have the hold removed. I work full time and am a student part time. I don’t have time to not pay my rent, be put on hold for an hour and wait for the money I DEPOSITED. This system is unacceptable and makes me rethink banking with Chase altogether. Chase bankers at the location should be able to remove holds. This Chase system is ineffective and damaging to hardworking Chase customers who simply want access to the money WE EARN!!!


Marco M

So I was having trouble doing something through my app even from the website, like a 15 min filling forms and then a message of an error has been occurred! I was so mad dropped everything and went to this branch trying to find a solution to my issue! I had a good opportunity to be assisted by a beautiful young lady her name is Jewmanna, she was so helpful with a descent smile on her face eventhough I wasn't that friendly at the beginning. She illustrated why I had this issue helped me through all my documents, explained every single paper I had to sign in detail, answerd all my questions and concerns, eventhough I had trouble understanding some stuff she still explained without showing any sign of frustration. She's one of those few who truly love their Jobs. Thank you, will definitely go there again if facing any more difficulties.


Aljameer Henderson

This location was very rude and unhelpful I was concerned about the amount I was depositing and asked for it to be counted by hand and the teller gave me a nasty attitude and told me they couldn’t do that. Any other location has done it for me with no problem . I also felt very discriminated against with the lack of care and concern for my needs. Every time I asked a question she was not listening or unaware of my frustrations. This location I will not be revisiting again. 👎🏾


jackie evans

Very nice people, kind a helpful, also great loan rates


Cindyd D

ALL REVIEWS APPEAR TO BE PHONY You will find out that Chase is the worst bank of all . Extremely rude, unprofessional morons , most of them hardly speak English or as a second language. If you are stupid enough to wait twenty minutes before someone will come to you when no customers are there then give them your money. If you are stupid enough to give your money to a bank that will whenever something goes wrong blame you just do it. Fees, lies and no service. No interests. If you take a loan be prepared to loose your home CHASE SUCKS BIG TIME !

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  • 1. What Is the Contact Information of Chase Bank?

    You can contact Chase Bank via +1 727-791-0612. You can access our online loan marketplace to get instant loan quotes as well.
  • 3. How Can I Obtain A Loan At Chase Bank?

    You can fill in our easy-to-use online form on their website. If you need further assistance, you can always visit our online loan platform and see what's available for you to get payday advance loans.
  • 5. What Will Happen If I Am Not Able To Repay My Loan?

    You can always contact your lender if you are not able to repay your loans. Your lender may adjust the loan plan for you to fit your financial situation at the moment. If you default on your title loans online, you may lose the possession of your vehicle.
  • 2. What Is the Address of Chase Bank?

    Chase Bank is located at 533 S Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States. Take a look at the map and visit them in no time.
  • 4. Is Chase Bank An Agency Or A Lender?

    Chase Bank is a Bank that accepts all kinds of loan requests. You can click here to get various loan services including online installment loans. In addition, iPaydayLoans, as an online loan service platform, can connect our customers with our network of lenders to get dependable loan services.
  • 6. Can I Get Loans With Bad Credit from Chase Bank?

    Yes, it is possible to get loans with bad credit such as online personal loan services from them. You can contact the lenders for detailed information regarding loan requirements. You can also click here to get instant loan quotes with friendly requirements.

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